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the pirate queen of norway

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Blwyddyn newydd dda. [01 Jan 2018|11:52am]
Well, good riddance, 2017.

This year was so awful that I don't really want to revisit it enough to be reflective. Fingers crossed for the next one, though, even though I've had most of the optimism beaten out of me by the last two.

Oh well. Happy new year, and I hope you all had a nice NYE! From what I've seen, a lot of people seem to have stayed in and just waited for it to go away, so I guess we're all feeling a bit battered.
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Nadolig llawen (2017) [25 Dec 2017|11:58pm]
It's on the late side, even for this time zone - but merry Christmas, my friends.
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[25 Nov 2017|06:13pm]
I have participated in Black Friday consumerism. I've never done this before, except for working in a shop for a couple of years, but my laptop had died and I really needed a new one. So I went to Costco at 9am, in my small town, which was pretty low-key and easy actually and now I am in the process of moving everything over and making it mine. His name is Aneirin. He's not perfect, but he's what I could afford, and I think we will get along. My mission now is to get all my Steam save-games moved over.

I woke up this morning to watch Wales play New Zealand in the rugby - no great upsets but no shame either - and now am watching the Apple Cup. This is a lot of sportsing for me for one day, but there are only a couple of football games where I care who wins. Since me and my sister both went to Washington State and my mom went to U of Washington, this is a family rivalry.

We had a good Thanksgiving, and my sister and I got Christmas decorations put up. My mom had her penultimate chemo treatment on Wednesday, so we tried to have everything as ready as possible beforehand. It seems to be doing what it's supposed to do, and she's coping with it pretty well. It's been a rather wretched year, but I will forgive it for a lot if we can go into 2018 with her hearty and hale again.
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[01 Oct 2017|09:31pm]
So life is taking a bit of adjustment, but I guess it's as good as can be expected. I did have a lovely time going to KiSCon in L.A. and having a wonderful fannish weekend just talking about Kirk and Spock all the time! We've yet to see if it can be channeled properly into fic. It really was wonderful to catch up with friends and meet new people and just be all full of glorious shippiness!

For the first time in what feels like ages, I'm not signing up for Yuletide. I already know I don't have it in me, so will save myself the whole defaulting thing. If it does turn out I'm up to writing something, I can do a treat.

DW is being a bit of a pain - Semagic won't connect anymore (which yes, I realise I"m probably the only person left who uses it but I RESIST CHANGE DAMMIT) and it's turned back to purple despite my Greasemonkey script turning it blue.

I miss being basically autonomous. Living with family is great in some ways, and stressful in others.
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[09 Aug 2017|05:57pm]
First, thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on my last entry. I didn't have time, or reliable internet, or energy to respond to most of them but I was very happy to have them!

The conference went well, and the journey to the US was not as horrible as it could have been. London was rainy but I had a lovely tea, and met with friends. Iceland it beautiful and I want to go back.

Having a little trouble settling in properly - it all feels like it is still temporary, partly because I hope it will be, but I mean I haven't settled in anywhere properly yet. My parents and I are headed on a road trip to Montana to see relatives before my mom's chemo actually starts; I suppose everything will be a bit worse then.

My boxes of possessions did arrive safely and on time, so I have them, even if I am not yet able to unpack them.

Guess we see what happens from here. How are you?
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[21 Jul 2017|10:18am]
I don't think I've kept updated here very well, so the short points:

I'm moving back to the US this week. The movers arrive tomorrow morning to retrieve half a dozen boxes of books and such, while I spend the week at a conference in Germany. Then I have one farewell day in London, an overnight in Iceland, and then I'll be back in the PacNW.

I'm obviously sad and frustrated, because I have been living a life and stuff and now it just all goes away because the country decided to wake up and be racist one day last summer.

But on the other hand, my mom's ill and about to start chemotherapy, so as timing goes, I should probably be there anyway.

I'll try to update better later and fill in the blanks - I'm still packing right now, and apparently going to just make up my conference paper as I go along on Monday.

Back to putting stuff into boxes!
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[29 May 2017|11:53am]
Well this is kind of fucked up. I mean, what do they think people use LJ for? Weirder and weirder. :p

In other news, I really dislike bank holidays. I don't work regular hours anyway (or at all, at the moment) so it just means the buses don't run and nothing is open. :p
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[24 May 2017|05:23pm]
Who here is around London these days? I want some company for a party.
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[15 May 2017|02:13pm]
I've just finished reading Assassin's Fate.

I've spent more than 20 years with these characters now and this was the only way it could have ended - perfect, bittersweet, but so painful.

Who else has read? Want to talk?

[potentially spoilers in comments]
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LJ 18th anniversary [26 Apr 2017|11:45am]
That LJ Birthday stat thingCollapse )
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[18 Apr 2017|07:18pm]
So the UK will have one chance to avoid a generation, if not an eternity, of dystopian Tory rule.

I have a bad feeling about this.

In other news, I faced up and did scary things today (none are that interesting, or objectively that scary, but you know how you psyche yourself out about stuff?) so now I am going to have a little drink.
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What happens if a feast day and a fast day fall on the same Wednesday? [01 Mar 2017|11:59am]
Dydd Gŵyl Dewi hapus - happy St David's Day! My celebrations are pretty much limited to wearing a daffodil in my hair while I go to the grocery store and to work, but that's still better than last year, when I spent it in England.

(That said, I do miss the Bath job. The students were great, I like teaching, and I got to see steepholm pretty much every week! Also Bath is a neat place. I like it.)

It's also Ash Wednesday, and I'll be missing church because of the aforementioned work. My much-loved vicar retired a few weeks ago anyway, so I feel less sad about missing things than I would have, I guess.

Last year Lent was all about preparing for the viva. I remember going to an evening prayer service, my church shared it with one of the chapels in town and the preacher had the most wonderful thick accent and was very clever and kind. He talked about Lent as being a time of contemplation but also of being troubled; I went away feeling like it was actually the perfect season for trying to get ready to defend my thesis a second time. On the way home that day I ran into a friend (the one who is now my flatmate) and we decided to go for a pint, and I was telling him about this. He said, 'isn't it a good thing the fate of humanity doesn't depend on your viva?' which was also a thing of which I needed to be reminded.

It was a time of transition, definitely - it's when they told me I couldn't have a new visa (though I did get one in the end) and when everything was too exhausting and horrible to deal with. The last year since has felt like a precarious peace; I've been anxious and upset more often than not, always on edge and worried about what's coming, all the things I can't control. (I feel like maybe if it had been Brexit OR Trump OR the impending end of everything I've worked for, I might have been able to deal, maybe even two out of three, but the constant onslaught is just more than I can take and keep sane.)

Anyway, this is starting to get a bit depressing, and that wasn't the point at all! But I do need to head out and get some groceries - the contents of my fridge is consists of some leftover rice, the last few spoonfuls of a tub of Skyr, some milk, some cheese, and half a thing of hummous. It was a pretty skint month and I spent most of what little money I had on alcohol, but it's probably time for some actual food.
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[27 Dec 2016|09:38pm]
This fucking year, man.
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[25 Dec 2016|10:41am]
Nadolig llawen i chi gyd - merry Christmas, lovelies. It's been an absolute shitshow of a year and no mistake, but I hope we can all find a small spot of peace today.
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[10 Dec 2016|12:42am]
Well, I defaulted. :(
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Playing Nancy Drew [17 Nov 2016|12:20pm]
Last night the boy and I were exploring around the Old College in town. Some parts I hadn't been inside in years, some I'd never quite made it to. All are pretty much empty and abandoned now. (There is one bit where there's a place in the wall to leave your candle, and a sign reading MATCHES OR CANDLES NOT TO BE USED - ONLY TORCH FROM THE GENERAL OFFICE. There is also a tiny little nook with a window that you used to be able to use to climb out onto the roof; now it's locked up but the graffiti on the wall from being a 'thinking spot' for generations of Celtic students is wonderful.)

While exploring some upper corridors, we came upon a number of locked doors, and one unlocked with a sign on it. 'DIM MYNEDIAD', the sign said - No entry.

Me: *starts to open door*
Boy: Wait--I'm not sure--the sign says--
Me: The sign obviously says HEY LOOK, COOL STUFF BACK HERE, CHECK IT OUT.
Boy: I do not think that is what it says, but I guess you're the one with the torch and it's pretty dark.

Past the door is another corridor, lined with bookshelves holding bound copies of the university court's minutes; cool but not super exciting. Then there is another door, which goes into a landing with several other unlabelled doors.

Boy: I don't think I've ever been in this part. Do you know where we're going?
Me: Ummmm....
Boy: Because I don't.
Me: Um, sure. I totally, definitely know where we are going. *confidently opens door*
Door: *actually leads to closet*
Me: ...I mean, you didn't believe me anyway, right?
Boy: Actually I figured you were looking for Narnia.

I don't know, he does some frustrating things sometimes and we disagree on a few fairly important things but he does get me, so I guess I'll keep him.

In other news, we appear to be having a small hurricane.
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This is not okay, this is not okay at all. [09 Nov 2016|01:10pm]
I'm still in shock. I went to bed nervous, because a few short months ago I woke up to find out the Brexit had actually happened. I spent days after that sobbing in despair. I woke up to a message from my sister that just said, "Well fuck all this then." This time I'm not crying, I'm mostly just numb. There is no safe place, nowhere to hide.

I find I can't deal with people trying to say things will be okay. They're not okay, and I find very little evidence that will change in the foreseeable future. "Not okay" is just a thing we are going to have to find a way to live with. This may end up meaning that we shelter Muslim friends in our basements or set up secret Planned Parenthood clinics or become goddamn supervillains setting the whole place on fire (who would even notice?) but no, it is NOT GOING TO BE OKAY.

I would also like all the third-party voters and the people who didn't vote and the ones who are now posting things on Facebook like 'Ha, I'm so glad I gave up on politics months ago' to fuck right off, because you are the goddamn problem.

Today is the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Talk about painful irony. That time felt so hopeful, like all the hard work people put in to working past the cold war actually meant something and things were going to get better. I don't know how we squandered all that but I have to tell you, I am seriously not impressed.

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
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[23 Oct 2016|09:16pm]
In light of how unhappy I've been lately over things that are far out of my control, I thought I should probably list some things that are actually really good right now. So here goes.

1. I may not be super keen on my job, and it may be only temporary, but it's made it so I will have enough money to live on for at least a few more months. Not worrying about how to afford food is pretty awesome actually.

2. My new flat is walking distance from most things (even if sometimes it's a slightly long walking distance or means going uphill). It's also clean, comfortble, and except for this problem with the oven, everything works.

3. Related, my flatmate is tidy, considerate, and generally pretty great. Plus he owns really nice cooking stuff that I can use.

4. The boy still makes me really happy. We have a lot of fun and he still thinks I'm awesome, so that's going well.

5. He also got a new job. It means we won't work together anymore, which is a bit sad, but is otherwise a great thing and I'm pretty proud of him.

6. Porridge is always so super happy to see me. He's also obsessed with Halloween, because he's three and awesome.

7. The weather. Dear God, the weather. It's been perfect. Crisp, cool but not freezing, clear beautiful autumn days.

8. I have really good friends. I don't always see them as much as I'd like to but I know they're there being wonderful.

9. I live in Aberystwyth, which no matter what other rotten things are happening in the world seems to be a small oasis of goodness.

10. My sister is coming for New Year's and we're going to Edinburgh for Hogmanay. I have always wanted to do this! It'll be amazing.
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[19 Aug 2016|12:11am]
Today I finally saw Ghostbusters! I loved it, and also seem to have fallen head over heels for Kate McKinnon. So there's that. What did the rest of you think?
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Random scene from my house. [02 Aug 2016|02:16pm]
I often wish I could draw, because a conversation that occurred in my house last night would be adorable as a little manga-style doodle.

Important back story:

An old friend (well, one of my old housemates) came to visit last weekend and brought us a present - a little saltpick shaped like a pear. It's very pretty and elegant. We like it.

Also, we have a bit of a slug problem in our kitchen. They seem to be living somewhere in the sink. No amount of genocide has yet rid us of the menace.

CHAPEL HOUSE, INTERIOR, NIGHT. ashkitty and Housemate K-- are at the dining room table.

Housemate J-- (from offstage in kitchen): Do we have any more salt?

Housemate K--: Yes, it's in the new salt cellar.

Housemate J--: The one that looks like a pear? Oh, there we are.

ashkitty: That's the one. I have named it Deathsalt Slugbane.

Housemate J-- (still offstage): Excellent, cheers. DIE! DIE IN BEAUTIFUL AGONY VILE INTRUDER!

Housemate K-- (drops head into hands): Can't we try to be a little civilised?

I don't know, maybe it's only funny to me. I still wish I could draw.
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